Gravity Lite – 12v battery powered Tennis cricket ball machine

Extremely light weight, With smaller wheel, spin/swing, max speed 70mph analogue (manual knob) type panel. Recommended for kids under 11 years to practice their footwork and batting action. To avoid injury to young cricketers Lite throws only light tennis, hard tennis and smaller size dimple ball. The light weight designed is easy to carry as a kit during practice session.

  • Speed range : 20-70 + MPH (115 KMPH)
  • Manual knob controls for each motor, showing speed and spin/swing chart setting.
  • Throws cricket tennis balls & lite dimple ball (NEW)
  • Throws spin, swing and fastballs with repetitive
  • Lateral and vertical adjustments allow user to throw various pitches
  • concave wheels made of PU for precision balance, …accuracy, and excellent durability
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easily set up and transported
  • Package includes tripod stand, battery charger with machine
  • Weight – 7kgs only machine, Total package- 18kgs only
  • Power – can run for 2.5hrs to 4hrs on 12v battery (18~36AH) OR mains Power transformer 220~230V AC converted to 12VDC.
  • Battery charger is supplied with machine. Battery is not supplied.

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