Gravity Football Machine for players of all positions, ages, and skill levels from youth to professional level, Delivers more than 100 to 150 footballs of size 3, 4, or 5 per hour with features of adjustable speed, height, and angle. Quickly and easily put together using a small, portable design includes a rechargeable battery.

1. Maximum speed 60 mph

2. Easily assembled within 2 minutes using a compact portable design.

3. Football machine provides everything ranging from crosses, shots, passes.

4. Throwing distance up to 30 meter.

5. Design to provide adjustable ball spin, speed of (25 to 60 mph) and a wide range of elevation and rotation.

6. Delivers more than 100 to 150 footballs of size 3,4,or,5 per hrs. it’s perfect for use by player and teams of all ages and abilities.

7. Powered by 12v battery

8. Speed adjustment = dial setting

9. Power source = 12VDC

10. Material used, SS Powder coated, Fiber and Aluminium.

11. Machine having 12 month warranty and it is for mechanical or electrical failure, doesn’t includes wear and tear parts.

12. Optional 6 ball Auto feeder.

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