BOLA Hockey Ball Machine mounted on a gimballed swivelling turntable. Instant adjustment of direction and elevation. Designed for Hockey goalkeeper training the turntable is excellent for a wide range of Cricket fielding and catching exercises. Availlable with extended legs.

BOLA – Fielding Trainer with swivel turntable

Fielding Turntables are sold as a unit with a BOLA Hockey Machine. This is because the dimpled plastic balls (used by the Cricket Bowling Machines)are not particularly well suited to catching practices – they are very hard on the hands – and fielding drills are more effective with cricket balls. The Hockey Machine has rubber based ball throwing wheels which are more efficient when working with leather cricket balls. In addition to this, it is necessary to remove all the Ball Joint / Tripod assembly to fit the machine to the Turntable so it makes switching between batting and fielding with a Cricket Bowling Machine impractical.

New Bola Field trainer with mains power pack. 

Fully Enclosed, Digital speed control with membrane switch panel. Max speed 80mph. Spin, swing & pace bowling with 19 spin and swing settings. Ball joint for line and length adjustment. Operation from 12 volt battery optional OR BOLA Power Pack from 230v mains.

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